International Enrollment

Enrollment Process

In order for international students to be considered for enrollment, Carlisle School must receive the following documentation and payments. 

  • Completed Application and Evaluation forms:
    • Application
    • Applicant Questionnaire
    • 2 General Evaluations
    • English Evaluation
    • Math Evaluation
    • I-20 Transfer Request Form (For students who currently possess an I-20.
    • A copy of the student’s current transcript, officially translated into English
    • A copy of the student’s TOEFL, TOEFL Jr, iTep Slate or SSAT test scores
  • Proof of ability to pay – an official statement written in English verifying that the family has sufficient funds to support the student for the duration of their academic career, as required by SEVIS.
  • $200 application fee 

Please submit forms and the fee to the Carlisle School Office of Admissions, PO Box 5388, Martinsville, VA 24115.

  • Once a student has been accepted, he or she will receive a welcome packet including a letter of invitation, enrollment contract, and I-20 form.
  • A $10,000 Enrollment Deposit will hold the student’s place.

Application Fee – $200

Annual Tuition
Grades 6th through 9th – $15,000
Grades 10th through 12th – $18,000

Boarding Option
Family Homestay – $18,000

  • Homestay families are carefully vetted by Carlisle School Administration
  • Most homestay families are current parents, parents of alumni, or members of the Carlisle School faculty.

Registration Fee – $2,000
There is a one-time registration fee to cover the cost of processing all paperwork and forms required by the United States Departments of State and Homeland Security.

Other Required Fees

  • Insurance – $910 annually
  • School Supply Fee – $200 (Covers the cost of all required books and supplies.)
  • Technology Fee – $125 (Includes use of school owned device dure the academic year.)
  • English Language Learning Service – $4,000 (Required based on TOEFL score and assessed English language proficiency.)
  • Incidentals – $1,000 (These funds are used to cover incidental expenses such as medical deductibles, field trips, activities, and athletic fees. Unused balance may be carried over or refunded at the end of the academic year.) 

For additional information on our International Program, please contact the Carlisle School Office of Admissions at +1 (276) 632-7288 or email admissions@carlisleschool.org.